Web Conference Meeting Software Guide

In today’s world, our main way of collaborating and communicating is done mostly over the Internet. That is why having the best tool available to do this is so important. You not only need to have a tool that works correctly and is dependable, but it also needs to be something that all of your colleagues can use easily as well. It’s definitely nice to have a lot of features, however if you are trying to communicate with other people and they aren’t able to figure out how to use the software to join in on the conversation, then you might end up talking to yourself!

Best Online Meeting Tools

We will be providing you with a list of many of the best online tools available today for screen sharing, group collaborations and meetings. These types of tools are useful for many things such as technical support, projects, training, webinars or just chatting with a group of people for fun.

These tools are all very easy to use and make it easy for collaborators to join you. So let’s go over some of those tools now.


MeetingBurning is stored right in your browser- so you don’t have to download anything. It’s a great place for holding online meetings as well as sharing your screen and hosting webinars. It includes one click sharing and recording, conference lines and Skype integration. For your meetings you will also receive analytics. This can give you insight into how your guests are interacting with your content. MeetingBurner is one of the most popular online meeting services due to its easy-to-use interface and fast load times. The service is free, which is the best thing of all.


You can get started with Meetin.gs in under 60 seconds. You can also create new meetings very conveniently by using their bookmarklet. You can also get started from their website. You can create your own meeting and participate in them from any device. Participants can also create meetings as well as edit them together. It works really well if you have a group that wants to be able to edit documents together. Participants can also email in notes and other kinds of materials.

Price: a free as well as a PRO account ($19 per month or $190 per year) are available.

Jabbster is geared for individuals who would like to keep in touch privately with friends and family. However, is is also very well suited for holding online meetings. Real-time meetings using video are not available like through MeetingBurner, however you can create private groups for sharing things like contact information, events and photos. You can have threaded discussions, so it’s basically like having a private social network of your own, with a couple of extra benefits thrown in.

Micrombos is a similar service that you might also enjoy.


GoToMetting is basically a desktop alternative of MeetingBurner. It can be used for web conferences and meetings (in HD). The company offers three different products: GoToTraining, GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting. The products all allow application and desktop sharing, voice conferencing abilities, drawing tools, one-click recording and much more. Meetings can be started from instant messaging tools, emails or Microsoft Office. What’s even better is that you can access meetings from a PC, Mac, Android device, iPhone or iPad.

Pricing: GoToMeeting has a 30-day free trial. Once the trial is over, it is $49 per month.


This is a free service that can be used to host web conferences and online meetings. It also works really well for collaborating with others and sharing your screen. In addition to its free version, Yugma has 5 other plans. The free version provides free web conference for up to 1 hour for 1 or 2 attendees. It also includes quick polls, whiteboarding and annotations tools, Skype integration, private and public chat and audio conferencing.

Pricing: P2 $24.50 per year; P20 $9.95 per month of $99.50 per year; P50 $34.95 per month or $349.50 per year; P100 $79,95 per month or $799.50 per year; P500 $159.95 per month or $1599.50 per year.

Note: Yuma’s software will need to be installed to use some of their services.


This is a great service that provides you with unlimited online meetings. It includes mobile access (includes the iPad), phone conferencing and high-quality video so that you can attend or host meetings while you are on-the-go. Meetings can hold up to 25 individuals and as many as 6 webcams can been seen at the same time on the screen. They have great online collaboration tools for people working in groups, such as annotations, note-taking and whiteboarding.

Pricing: They offer a 14-day free trial, and then the service costs $19 per month.


This is a web based processor that enables real-time collaboration between people. The service describes itself as “real-time document conferencing.” It allows many individuals to work on a document and show any changes instantly, so it is sort of like Google Docs. Sync.in is a great tool to use for training, planning, brainstorming, taking notes or working on documents.

Pricing: No sign-up is required and it is completely free. However, there is also a PRO version that costs $2 per month per user following a 30-day free trial.

Note: Software will need to be installed if you would like to be able to create notes from off of your desktop.


The web based meeting tool is very popular for study groups because you can use a whiteboard to markup images, graphics and websites. It makes it easy to collaborate with others, and you can also hold conference calls or browse the web as a group. A free account offers voice chat, screen capture, image and document sharing as well as meetings. No sign-up, plugins or downloads are required.

Pricing: There is a limited free account available, along with three other plans: Universal ($189 per month); Enterprise ($49 per month) and Professional ($14 per month).


This software works great for real-time content sharing and meetings. You can collaborate on videos, documents, files and images. Included are text chat, activity tracking, voice notes, VoIP, screen sharing and whiteboarding tools. No installations are required, and their free version provides you with unlimited use for as many as 10 people. However, it is supported by ads. Vyew does have a unique feature in that several plug-ins are offered that can provide the service with extra functionality such as adding polls, YouTube videos and MP3’s.

Pricing: In addition to the free service, they offer two other plans: Professional ($19.95 per month) and Plus ($9.95 per month).


This cloud platform allows you to manage projects, share files and collaborate. A massive list of features are offered, in addition to some unique features that other similar services don’t have. For example, they have a versioning feature for collaborating on a document, but it also tracks various versions of a document, so if you need to revert back to a different version you can. You can access documents from anywhere, including from a mobile device such as an iPad, Blackberry, Android or iPhone. There is also a Huddler developer API which can be used by anybody wanting to make a mash-up or build an application.

Pricing: There is a 14-day free trial offer. After that you can contact them to get a quote based on what your needs are.


ShowDocument offers real-time collaboration, screen sharing and online meetings- with just one click. Features offered include: sharing Google maps, YouTube videos and web pages, chat (text, video, voice), chat translator and whiteboarding tools. ShowDocument can be customized via their App center for added functionality. Their Firefox Add-on or Chrome extension can also be installed if you plan to use it on a frequent basis. An Android app is also available to use the service from a mobile device.


Currently 312Meet is in public beta 2. It offers unlimited online meetings and screen sharing with no limitations. To get started all you need to do is fill in your email address and then host or join a meeting using the widget that is on their website. Their site is free, however to get rid of commercials and ads you can upgrade to an Enterprise, Business or PRO account. Unfortunately, not all of the upgraded accounts are available during the beta phase.

Honorable Mentions

Just in case the 12 services above are not enough choices or don’t have everything you are searching for, here are an addition 5 options:
Fuze Meeting

This cloud-based personal telepresence and visual collaboration service allows a mobile enterprise to share content from any place in the world from any device. Real-time collaboration can be done and content is in high-resolution.

ZOHO Meeting

This service allows you to colloborate and meet with an online remote audience. it works well for real-time collaborating and sharing your desktop. Voice conferencing is supported via VoIP or telephone.


Group video call is supported, allowing you to see and talk to more than one individual at the same time. However, it isn’t an online tool. Skype 5.0 or higher needs to be downloaded for making group video calls.


Currently Facebook supports video calling (through their partnership with Skype). However, group video calls cannot be made, although you can do group text chats. Since just about everybody has a Facebook account these days, it is worth checking out.

Google+ Hangouts

This is another social network supporting group video chat. To get started you will need to install video plugins and Google voice. After you have done that, you will be able to use video in Orkut, iGoogle or Gmail. This is now a very easy way to view groups of people at the same time.

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